NSU Department Boasts 95% participation in Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign

During President Hanbury's Town Hall meeting with the H. Wayne Huizenga's School of Business and Entrepreneurship, there were many things that resonated with the Enrollment Services department.

"We heard how great universities are recognized by accrediting agencies, the academic community, and the general public by the percentage of alumni who give back to their university. Not how much they give, but the percentage of alumni who give any amount," said Dennis Dannacher, M.S., Assistant Dean of Enrollment Services and Program Operations.

"We took that as a challenge to our department," said Dannacher. Meeting over lunch, the department came up with a system. "We discovered that many of us are either alumni or current students. We set up giving parameters - anywhere from $1-$100. If you have been an employee for one year, you can start by giving $1. Similarly, if you have been a student for one year, give $1. If you are a graduate, give what you can."

At the end of the campaign, between Admissions, Recruitment, Advising and Executive Education, 95% of the staff in Enrollment services had participated in the challenge. 57 staff members contributed $1,140 towards the NSU Fund. "Some gave $1. Some gave much more. There were some members of the staff who were first time givers. Although they were long time employees, knowing that their gift could help NSU become a more prestigious university motivated them."

In the end, Dannacher says no one gave for want of being recognized. "It came from our hearts. We believe in NSU and we want to see our university succeed." Click here to make your contribution to the Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign today.