Adrian Keith Bennett

A GOOGLE SEARCH led A.K. Bennett to Nova Southeastern University.

"To someone living in Michigan, Florida colleges and universities are very attractive. I learned that NSU offers a variety of opportunities other schools don't."

Passionate about creative ideas and entrepreneurship, Bennett intends to enroll in a graduate school for business. He dreams of starting his own business as a health care consultant.

"Through the power of social media, I will bring health care to communities that need it. In Michigan, health care is the second largest industry, behind automotive. I see this need and want to address it in my home state."

Without scholarships, Bennett would not have been able to attend NSU. "I am fortunate that someone has invested in my education. NSU's quality of curriculum expands my horizons. Coming here and seeing our great diversity has given me a new goal of visiting other countries."

Serving as student government president, as well as a member of the President's 64 and Alpha Phi Omega, and working as a resident assistant, he's also learned "I can't do everything. I've learned when and where to focus my energies."

Driven and focused, Bennett looks forward to life after graduation when he can "establish and grow my business, but also help the community."