NSU Words to Give By

"I want to change the world by making a difference for those with cancer, one ponytail at a time". - Lesly Viera, student, Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences

"I dream of sustainable fisheries for the future. I want to change the world by contributing to the oceans." - Travis Moore, student, Oceanographic Center

"I want to change the world by giving everyone a beautiful smile." - Pamela Shelling, student, College of Dental Medicine

"I want to help provide good health to those who aren't always given a chance." - Stephanie Gereffi, recipient, Madden Family Changing Lives Scholarship

"Every day, I look around and I see that NSU strives for excellence -- whether it is academics, athletics, or through our involvement in the community. In giving, I want to be part of that success." - Michelle Merida, employee, NSU's The Eye Care Institute

“As part of our university community, I truly am NSU and want to take us to the next level. By donating to the NSU Fund, we are providing opportunities to students who need funds to advance their own pursuits." - Colin Millar, alumnus, employee, NSU call center.

"Any contribution to the university - no matter how large or small - is a great way to show your support to NSU." - Eric Ackerman, Ph.D., alumnus, employee, and Chair of the Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign

"All my life, I wanted to be a scholar. One of my most important life lessons is that an opportunity postponed is not necessarily an opportunity denied." - Florence Ross, scholarship founder

"Education can transform a student's life." - Robert Weisbert, scholarship founder and member of the Dean's Council for the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences

"I challenge us all to continue to be ambassadors for NSU, and to leave a legacy by helping us to assist our community in fulfilling its dreams and aspirations." - George L. Hanbury II, Ph.D., NSU President and CEO