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NSU Alumni Association Membership Card

Free Lifetime Membership 

Membership in your NSU Alumni Association is free, for life!  Once someone graduates from NSU, he or she automatically becomes a member of the NSU Alumni Association.  As a member, you are entitled to numerous benefits including continued use of your nova.edu email address, access to select library databases, discounts at local and national retailers, invitations to alumni events and a subscription to the official magazine of NSU, Horizons.  

Alumni Shark Card

The Lifetime Loyal Alumni Shark Card provides you an enhanced opportunity to show your loyalty and commitment to NSU and also receive additional benefits.   NSU alumni who purchase NSU Alumni Shark Cards will have free access to designated parking lots of Main Campus.   Alumni can purchase this card for $10 and a portion of the transaction will benefit the NSU Annual Fund. 

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The NSU Alumni Association is always here to serve you. Please contact us at (954) 262-2118 or alumni@nova.edu with questions or concerns.